Advanced Hydration

Quenching your skins thirst, giving it a drink of water. Hydravance professional treatment is enriched with the vital nutrients your skin needs to remain plump, radiant, feel soft supple and hydrated. 60 minutes $125

Cosmeceutial Skin Peeling treatment

For total skin rejuvenation this treatment uses Sothy’s medical grade peeling therapy to resurface, repair and renew your skin. This unique formula exfoliates and delivers cellular renewal within the skins layers to eliminate imperfections and fight the signs of ageing. 60 minutes $120

Collagen Anti Ageing Therapy

This intensive anti aeging treatment uses a combination of dynamic cosmeceutical ingredients to target all ageing concerns in a 5 phase treatment method. From the first signs of premature ageing to the most mature skin, your therapist will identify the grade of anti ageing program best suited to your skins needs. Concentrates on plumping, firming, hydrating and exercises the skin, immediately toning and rejuvenating the skin.
60 minutes $140

Advanced Radiance

Intensive brightening peel enriched with vitamin C therapy. This facial includes a resurfacing peel and vitamin C infusion for a radiant, glowing complexion. It will also help to improve your collagen structure, reduce uneven pigment and increase oxygenation and illumination in the skin.
60 minutes $140