Relaxation Massage

A combination of Swedish Massage techniques to help increase circulation, release toxins from the muscles & reduce physical and emotional stress within the body. Relieves Muscle tension, aches and pains, Calms, Soothes & balances the entire body from head to toe.
60 minutes $65

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This upper body massage targets problematic areas that may be triggering headaches from the neck and shoulders due to Stress or muscle fatigue. It is important to treat niggling pains before they develop to anything more serious like migraines. This massage is relaxing, de-stressing and rejuvenating for the body. Finishing with a soothing scalp massage to leave you floating.
30 minutes $40

Sinus Drainage

Gentle pressure point massage across facial sinus ducts to help relieve pressure, headaches, tension as well as toxins caused from blocked sinus, allergies and colds. Instantly relieves tension and is very soothing as the lymphatic system rids the body of harmful toxins in the sinus facial cavities. Can be added on to any Massage or Facial treatment.
15 minutes $20

Lymphatic Drainage

A specialised massage. A very gentle, slow, soothing method of removing toxins from the body. This Massage helps treat Skin conditions such as Acne, dermatitis, eczema, reduces the appearance of scarring, eases headaches, promotes healing, reduces swelling, fluid retention, reveal a slimmer appearance, the perfect treatment to coincide with a detox or weight loss program. Highly recommended for post operative, diabetics or post cancer patients. For best results, a course of treatments is recommended, however as each individual responds differently, it is recommended you please speak to your Therapist prior to considering this treatment.
60-75 minutes $80


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